Animenifesto #264
Date: 29-05-2004
File type: Flash animation
File size: 442kb
Description: Ragnarok Online Parody.
Comment: This is the first Flash animation I've made. It's really difficult animating, it took me a lot of time and effort to learn and understand how to make one. Probably isn't the best, but I'm pretty proud of it since it's my first.

Animenifesto #265
Date: 21-10-2004
File type: Flash animation
File size: 156kb
Description: Multiple-ending Flash.
Comment: Surprisingly this took longer than expected to finish, due to many reasons, including laziness. I was expecting a more variable ending to each decision, but I was out of ideas and pulled off the "cut-and-paste" trick. There was supposed to be a secret ending, but I didn't bother because I have to make it difficult to achieve and I didn't know how to manipulate Flash to do that. Not a good Flash game, but worth a laugh, I think.

Of A Scuttling Wingless Pigeon
Date: 13-3-2008
File type: Flash animation
File size: 144kb
Description: Pigeon in a boot
Comment: Took me 2 weeks of continuous animating. This was done last year, 14 August.

Happy Birthday, Chern
Date: 13-3-2008
File type: Flash animation
File size: 128kb
Description: Birthday flash animation for Chern
Comment: Posted on September 8. I did not know what to buy for Chern's birthday, so I whipped up a short animation one week before his birthday. (:

Big Mac Chant (Youtube link here)
Date: 15-6-2008
File type: .WMV animation
File size: 1,930 kb
Description: Video submission for the local McDonald's Big Mac Chant video contest, held around early May to 28th May.
Comment: The contest's rule was to include the Big Mac Chant in the video; Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun.


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