Alias: Zacc
Gender: Male

D.O.B.: November 1988
Residence: Penang, Malaysia
Race: Chinese, FREE THINKER.
Language: English, Bahasa M'sia, A little bit of Chinese.
Favourite Quote: "Paiseh."

Likes: Anime, Manga, CG artwork, Noodles, Rock / Fusion / Blues / Ska / Classical music, Pizza, Heart-warming stories, DotA, Bak Kut Teh, good weather...
Dislikes: Cockroaches and Smart asses. XD

Has: Animenifesto site, Phoenix site, This site, (had) Protocol Seven sub-forum, E-mail, Akira's WACOM tablet, My right hand, FLCL anime, PS2, Great friends, Lots of feet hair. o_O
Doesn't Have: A good life, A good amount of friends, Fame, Maturity. XP

Yearly Comment:

I'm gonna try a yearly blog to gauge what I have achieved over my life. 8 Years ago, I came up with Phoenix1 (yes, my keenspace site was patheticly appended with a "1" because the original name was taken), and I have moved through different stages of my life ever since. Over time, I drew less and less comics, and in 2003, I got my tablet from Akira-san... And I've been painting digital works since. This year, I'm trying to balance myself with work (programming) and hobby (drawing). I hope I can produce a proper system this year, and if I can top it off, try my hand at proper animating. I have been saying that I would do it, but I always ended up forgetting about it. Let's see what I have to say next year.


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