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Last Update: 3-July-2006
Category: Comic Strip
Pages: 284
Comments: Revolves around me, Zacc and other real life people in comical situations. Additional fiction characters include Festo Ninja, Festo Doctor and Nurse. Also includes characters by other authors (parody) and guest scripts.

Getting Groceries

Last Update: 30-10-2006
Category: One-Shot
Pages: 10
Comments: Comic page sketches for the Ponju Print Anthology.

Ghost Hunters Online Manga

Last Update: 12-06-2004
Category: Fan-Comic
Pages: 1
Comments: This was sent to Eunice of Ghost Hunters. I forgot the reason I made her this comic though. Must be for some empty updates or event. :/


Last Update: 28-08-2004
Category: Short comic
Pages: 8/8 (Complete)
Comments: This is drawn for the GEMPAK comic drawing (Open Category) competition. A romance story revolving around Teddy, a poor guy and Alisa, a rich guitar-wielding gal.

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Last Update: 29-12-2005
Category: Manga
Pages: 188
Comments: Koji, an orphan heard of rumours that the legendary Phoenix's feather is able to grant an ultimate wish to its bearer, and has set his mind to find it. Before he can actually start hunting for it, he has to first become a qualified magician.

Tsunami Channel
Last Update: 29-12-2005
Category: Fan-Comic
Pages: 8,2
Comments: These were submitted to Akira Hasegawa of Tsunami Channel for a competition and to fill in empty update slots when he was busy. :)


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